Next SISS meeting      April 17, 2019

Open to anyone who would like to attend

At the home of Nancy West, 14 Saponi Dr. Social time 06:30 PM, Meeting at 07:00 PM.

Our Birthday Girls for April are Pat Corrigan, Jean Senecal & Lee Smith.  Our birthday lunch will be at Luca’s , Tuesday April 9, at 1:00 pm

SIPPERS starting at 05:00 PM – bring an app/desert to share and your drink of choice

April 5                             Jay Davis

April 12                          Melanie Watkins

April 26                          Keri Stewart



Up Coming Events to put on your calendar

April 12 & 13                       Southern Women’s Show, RSVP if you want to go for the day or                                                 stay overnight in Raleigh and do some other shopping

April 27                                Community Yard Sale, to be held at Lake Country Home Center                                                 Tables are free, BYOT, and items taken for donation for Siouan                                                 Table;  Items sold for Siouan Table are donation to SISS;  Baked                                                 Goods


Sherry is working on task force to help improve the 911 system around the lake.  Five counties are involved, and she is working with Sheriff Roberts of Brunswick County to improve the system.  Also in conjunction with the LGLC.

Sherry is also working on getting a glass fusion class at Norton’s sometime in March.

Nancy is also checking into 2 new organizations for SISS to help with donations.

If you would like any information on any of the dates listed above, please feel free to contact me at 434-636-4027 or email at